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Our suite of services include:

  • CCTV Data monitoring, storage and response – We store data in our servers vault for reference purposes.
  • Search detectors – To screen individuals before entering a building
  • Alarm monitoring and response – which is activated on dial-up during emergency situations.
  • Asset tracking management and recovery in case of theft.
  • Access control and human resource management – to monitor movement of personnel and mark the payroll.

At Patriotic group, we leverage on the power of technology to assist in delivering high calibre security solutions to our clients. Our digital capabilities ensure that you can monitor your premises from any part of the globe using internet enabled applications

Dog Unit

Dogs have played an integral part in any security endeavor in the past century. At patriotic we pride ourselves in overseeing an effective and efficient sentry unit that utilises the services of a highly trained canine unit.

In the world of sentry guarding, a number of dog breeds are used to maintain security, with the most common breeds being thoroughbred Alsatian, The German Shepherds, each with its own personal handler. For safety purposes our dogs are inoculated against disease and we have gone a step further and taken out an insurance cover for accidental dog attacks and assault.

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